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The University of Nottingham, School of Biology, MSc Biological Photography and Imaging

The following list is all of the Internal staff and external staff who teach and associated to the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging course.

The University of Nottingham Staff

Dr Kate Durrant MSc Course Director
Dr Thomas Hartman University Teaching Associate Science Specialist
Dr David Fox  MSc Museum Curator
Steve Galloway Taught Course Specialist
Tim Smith Senior Technician SEM

Visiting Teaching Staff

Luke Saddler Videographer [ HDSLR Filmmaker ] Final Cut Pro/ Adobe Premier
Helen Walsh Freelance Photographer, Designer, Illustrator
Alex Hyde Landscape Photographer, Adobe Product specialist
Katherine Dixon Web Design, Photographer, Videographer
Frankie Buckle Zeiss specialist, Photographer
Kelly Neaves
Jill Groom Photographer, Marine Biology
David Newton Canon Eos Trainer, Photographer, Writer

Supporting Industrial  Members

Geoff Espin Photographer, Orchid Specialist
Raymond Fitchett Sigma Photographic
Fran Maloni Jigsaw24 Apple Mac Computers
Jason Batterham Calumet Photographic

External Lecturing Staff

Professor Heather Angel Professional Wildlife Photographer
Gavin Thurston Professional Filmmaker
Stephen Moss BBC Natural History Unit Bristol
Dr Rob Lambert Tourism and Environment
Dr Paul Eggleton Natural History Museum
Phil Songhurst Consultant

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Here is my new set up

This is a Lumix G10 camera, the lens is a Nikon 35-135mm 3.5-4.5 with a Nikon to Lumix adapter, the pull focus is a jar opener, the sound is record onto a Edirol R-09HR  which is connected to a Beachtek DXA-4. This sits on top of a video quick release plate which then sits on a Manfrotto 454 micro sliding plate, the camera has a LCDVF viewfinder at the rear. The Lumix G10 camera records in mov files at 30fps at 720, it is not 1080 but is a fun bit of kit.


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Yes here it is a bellows from a Bronica medium format camera being used on a 7D DSLR camera as a lens shade, it also makes a attractive head for some people.

Steve Galloway with a Canon 7D DSLR with a Bronica bellows

Photography by David W McMahon

This was taken on a recent trip to Slimbridge with the MSc students from the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging, during this visits the students were working with Prof Heather Angel on their projects and Steve was filming the event on his Eos Canon 7D

see entry heather angel

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New Walkstool Steady

Flaghead Photographic Limited, distributors of the Swedish Walkstool, are pleased to announce the arrival of the Walkstool Steady!

This new product offers extra stability and strength to any size Walkstool Comfort model.

The WALKSTOOL Steady features:

• A high-quality product designed in Sweden by “Scandinavian Touch”.
• Extra strength for high load capacity
• No movement on slippery surfaces
• Prevents Walkstool legs sinking into very soft ground
• Small and lightweight
• Adjustable for all Walkstool sizes
• Supplied with pouch

Price: £12.90 exclusive of Vat (£15.48 inc Vat)
For further information contact Flaghead Photographic Limited

just the job for me

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HitRolls have released Miniatures Pro, an iOS app that makes time lapse photography easy and accessible for iPad 2, iPod touch and iPhone users. A variety of settings allow users to manipulate the time between shutter clicks, making the application practical for many different types of project. Additionally, it allows users to apply a simulated tilt effect to their videos, which makes the subjects look like miniatures (hence the name, we believe). Miniatures Pro is available for $0.99 through the itunes app store

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A colorfully crisp poster salutes vintage Polaroid cameras


There is a  designer called Yumalum he has  just released this Polaroid poster series. The “Instant Rainbow” graphic beautifully interprets the classic instant camera spitting out a crisp  colourful snapshot.

This poster measures 50 x 70 centimeters, the posters are printed on matte paper using a high-quality photo printer and ink. These are stunning images and if you have a love of old retro photographic equipment, then seek out these prints.

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SIGMA 150mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens

Image stabilised Macro lens offering up to 4 stop benefit, with latest SLD glass optical technology. “Splash Proof” and new body
finish for Pro spec use. £999.99 SRP inc. VAT

New SIGMA 120‐300mm f/2.8 EX DG FLD OS (stabilised) Pro

zoom lens with latest “splash proof” design & finish. versatile and tack sharp performance with
SRP incl. VAT of £2,500

NEW SIGMA 12‐24mm f/4‐5.6 EX DG FLD Mk2

This new ultra‐wide zoom lens offers improved optical performance with the inclusion of fluorite (FLD) glass as well as SLD glass elements giving stunning correction for distortion / edge to edge
brightness. The “splash proof” new body means it will be a favourite with Pro photographers.
Price about £850 incl. VAT

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Turn Your mobile Into a High-Powered Scientific Microscope

Using tape, rubber and a tiny glass ball, researchers transformed an iPhone into a cheap, yet powerful microscope able to image tiny blood cells. They’ve also added a clinical-grade cellphone spectroscope that might be able to measure some vital signs.

See Website

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Construction and set building day, the students are learning how to construct a natural looking environment within the studio, these set are to be designed and lit as if they were in an outside environment, the lighting was to give the impression it was either that of daylight or moonlight. The subjects that the students could photograph were rats, geckos, snails, hissing cockroaches, scorpions and museum subjects. The sets involved constructing a small section of a wall [brickwork] a waste pipe and a grate on this set the rat is placed,the rat is photographed at  the pipe and grate to indicate it was foraging for food, the students are to make this look as convincing as possible with the use of mud to act as mortar and weeds and vegetation. The light from the bowens flash head is diffused and the use of a card to break up the light to make it look like it is flowing through trees and leaves.

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There is a fantastic photographic exhibition  (free)  in Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square, which is part of the  Edinburgh International Science Festival. The photos featured are spectacular images from Scottish seas and beyond by renowned photographers, that start at the surface of the ocean and travel downwards to look at sharks, coral reefs and the creatures of the deep.

The image on the right was taken by Alex Hyde { former student } now part of the teaching team, MSc Biological Photography and Imaging, The University of Nottingham, it is a hermit crab which is 2 cm across in real size, the image has been enlarged 2 meters across, This photograph was taken using a Canon MP-E 65MM Lens.

Well done Alex Hyde full story here

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