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The University of Nottingham, School of Biology, MSc Biological Photography and Imaging

The following list is all of the Internal staff and external staff who teach and associated to the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging course.

The University of Nottingham Staff

Dr Kate Durrant MSc Course Director
Dr Thomas Hartman University Teaching Associate Science Specialist
Dr David Fox  MSc Museum Curator
Steve Galloway Taught Course Specialist
Tim Smith Senior Technician SEM

Visiting Teaching Staff

Luke Saddler Videographer [ HDSLR Filmmaker ] Final Cut Pro/ Adobe Premier
Helen Walsh Freelance Photographer, Designer, Illustrator
Alex Hyde Landscape Photographer, Adobe Product specialist
Katherine Dixon Web Design, Photographer, Videographer
Frankie Buckle Zeiss specialist, Photographer
Kelly Neaves
Jill Groom Photographer, Marine Biology
David Newton Canon Eos Trainer, Photographer, Writer

Supporting Industrial  Members

Geoff Espin Photographer, Orchid Specialist
Raymond Fitchett Sigma Photographic
Fran Maloni Jigsaw24 Apple Mac Computers
Jason Batterham Calumet Photographic

External Lecturing Staff

Professor Heather Angel Professional Wildlife Photographer
Gavin Thurston Professional Filmmaker
Stephen Moss BBC Natural History Unit Bristol
Dr Rob Lambert Tourism and Environment
Dr Paul Eggleton Natural History Museum
Phil Songhurst Consultant

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Photography David W McMahon

Today the students have been recreating sea life environments with in the studio, photographing a variety of subjects, which include Shore crabs, Starfish, Beadlett anemone, Cockles, Whelks and Periwinkles to name a few. The MSc students are doing this project as part of the marine biology, which is run by Jill Groom.

Also part of the marine biology project the students within the MSc Biological photography and Imaging also get taught how to use Adobe illustrator to create illustrations of sea life. The students have to create a shore life guide as their final project with this module. The Marine biology module consists of visits to Birmingham fish market, Birmingham sea life both of these they visited last week, the studio and illustrator session and visits out to Filey Brigg and Bempton cliffs later this year.

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Photography David W McMahon

After the students had finished the photographic session at the fish market they went on to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. Were they spent four hours photographing Sea Life?

Jill Groom,peers into the gloom of the tank wondering what will peer back

The task at the centre is always a difficult one; the students have to work along side the visitors to the centre, including groups of small children from visiting schools [you need to have your wits about you]. Also this year the centre has introduced a policy of no flash and in low light levels this becomes a extreme challenge they have to overcome.

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The Sea Life centre helps millions of people in discovering the wonders that the marine world has install for all to view. The Sea Life works beyond its capacity to play an important role in safeguarding our seas and their inhabitants for the future. The M.S.c Biological Photography and Imaging will be making a visit to the Centre on the 4th February, after we have made an visit to Birmingham indoor fish market, were you will be able to see many different types of sea life.

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On Tuesday the 08, February, studio sessions will take place in which the students will be re-creating rock pools and sea life environments. There will be various sea life creatures to photograph, Shore Crabs, cockles, Snakelock Anemone, Whelks and Starfish to name a few.

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