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To add to the visit at the International Center for Birds of Prey, David Fox has asked that we mention the British Falconry Fair which will be taking place on the Bank Holiday weekend of  1st and 2nd of May

What’s on in 2011…

to include: Falconry Talks, Advice & Legal Information, Game Cooking Demos …and much more!

  • Continuous Arena Events
  • Stunning Falconry Flying Displays
  • Sporting & Wildlife Artists
  • Demonstrations of Working Dogs used in Falconry
  • Craft Fair
  • Major Exhibitions by National Countryside Organisations
  • Stickdressing (Show Monday)
  • Plummer Terrier Association Championship Stock Show
    (Registered only) (Sunday)
  • Invitation Beagle Show (Sunday)
  • Ferrets (Show Monday)
  • Licensed Bars & Catering
  • Children’s Quad Bikes, Bouncy Castle &
    HUGE Woodland Adventure Playground
  • Come Shopping At Over 200 Quality Trade Stands!
  • Discover the beauty of Ragley Hall and Gardens
  • Website

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Red kites are now a much more common sight



People are used to stories of conversational doom-and-gloom with fragile species threatened by creeping urbanisation, but recent reports suggest some birds of prey are booming in the UK. So why does the prospect of a soaring hawk or eagle leave some people worried?

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The Photographic Adventure to talk about

Friday morning, 07.00 the eyes of the MSc student sleep ridden as they clime aboard the coach for a photographic adventure at the International Center for Birds of Prey. The coach driver at the wheel with a welcoming smile on his face, he knows were we are going,  not a problem to find it, that does make a change but we do have Dr David Fox who knows our host and the center in side out. The students settle down on the coach and the head count has been done, off we go towards the M42 and forwards to the M5 by ten we will be there.

Breakfast Next

The next stop will be to fill up on breakfast. David Fox has the route plan out for the best service station breakfast. Heading along the M42 most of the students are asleep saving their energy for the day ahead, David Fox sitting to my left and Galloway in the seat behind watching a documentary about Annie Leibovitz.

International Center for Birds of Prey

We arrived at the International Center for Birds of Prey at 10.30 where we were greeted by Jemima Parry-Jones MBE, if you have never in the presents of Jemima before then you are in for a new experience, if there is ever a lady to be set as an example for a role model then Jemima could be that person. Jemima has had an outstanding career, see her CV here

Birds in flight

During the course of the whole year about 60 individual birds will be flown for demonstration or on training courses.

The students on the MSc Biological Photography and imaging had a fantastic day at the center Jemima and her team of well trained and dedicated falconers made the day the most memorable and a truly exciting day for all, visit the web site and visit the center you will not be disappointed

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