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Dr David Fox keeps some odd and curious items in his museum of Natural History, bones, jars and pickled specimens. There are stuffed foxes, badgers and birds, bird’s nests, bees and months, spiders small and large but nothing as large as the ostrich skeleton which lurks in a cupboard, shelf’s full of cures from a witches cauldron but it’s the wizard within David that finds all of these items for the students at The School of Biology to photograph.

David’s vast knowledge cannot be encompassed within a book; it’s the living version of Google. Ask him a question like Jeeves and out pops the answer not wrapped in a scientific envelope of misunderstanding but with words that help you explore more into a world of Natural History.

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Cost of a puzzle

Joanna King-Harmsworth has sent this question in

I don’t know if anybody can help.I  have been asked to provide pictures which will be printed on place mats and sold. I have no idea what to say regarding pricing? if anybody has any idea how I can work out pricing or any useful websites to help me I would be very interested in hearing – thanks loads Jo

Any answers let us know

Anyone who has a question please send them in.

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Road signs have been erected in Wales to warn drivers that toads are crossing the road. The toads are looking for love. Normally volunteers collect the toads in buckets and help them to cross the roads safely into the breeding ponds. Volunteers can not always be to hand, So Carmarthenshire council put up the signs warning motorists to drive carefully as hundreds of the creatures cross every spring.So important sites are being registered with national wildlife charity Froglife as part of its Toads on the Roads mapping scheme and signs erected to help publicise migration routes.

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