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Protest groups claim Facebook has taken down dozens of pages in a purge of activists’ accounts

Activists are claiming that dozens of politically linked Facebook accounts have been removed or suspended by the company in the last 12 hours. The list of suspended pages include those for the anti cuts group UK Uncut, and pages that were created by students during last December’s university occupations. A list posted on the UCL occupation blog site says the Goldsmiths Fights Back, Slade Occupation, Open Brikbeck, and Tower Hamlet Greens pages as no longer functioning. It is not yet known how many websites have been affected in total or why they are not working. Facebook is currently looking into the issue.

Guy Aitchison, 26, an administrator for one of the non-functioning pages said, “I woke up this morning to find that a lot of the groups we’d been using for anti-cuts activity had disappeared. The timing of it seems suspicious given a general political crackdown because of the royal wedding.” “It seems that dozens of other groups have also been affected, including some of the local UK Uncut groups.” Earlier, it was reported that the Metropolitan police had invokedspecial powers to deter anarchistsin central London ahead of the royal wedding.

Police threw a section 60 cordon around the whole of the royal wedding zone on Friday morning to respond to anarchists masking up at a small gathering in Soho Square in central London. The section 60 order allows police officers to stop and search anyone without discretion. The police also imposed section 60a, which gives them the power to remove masks and balaclavas from anyone within the area. Scotland Yard said the decision was made after individuals were seen putting on masks in Soho Square where a group of anarchists had gathered.

Story from the Guardian Newspaper

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Blurb Mobile comes as an increasing number of users are now utilising their mobile phones to shoot and share images, says Blurb’s vice president of new business initiatives, Jim Lanahan. “There are now many applications that allow you to take photographs as a single project – such as Instagram and Hipstamatic,” he says. “And we support that. But the iPhone can do a lot more. It can do videos, it can do audio and it can do text. A few months ago, we decided to bring all of them together.”

Unveiled for the first time at the World Photography Festival in London, the Blurb Mobile application lets users edit their media files into stories. Images can be cropped, rotated and scaled. Video and audio files can also be added, alongside text.
The “stories” can then be shared via Facebook and Twitter, as well as by email. Users can also direct their friends and contacts to a personalised Blurb Mobile profile that will hold all of their stories.
In a statement, Blurb’s CEO and founder Elleen Gittins says: “Blurb is known for two things: helping people to tell their stories visually and then enabling them to share their work directly with their audience. To date, the medium of choice has been the printed book; but that’s all changing. With the release of Blurb Mobile, people will now be able to capture life’s great moments – large and small, in wonderfully rich story form and then share their stories on the fly, using any media on their phone including voice, video text and image.”
The application is free to download and allows users to create stories composed of eight images, one video of 30 seconds and up to one minute of audio per image. However, an in-app purchase, which costs £1.19 ($1.99), brings these numbers up to 15 images and three videos, as well as an unlimited length of audio.

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Facebook has announced that it will share the design secrets behind its new energy-efficient data centre with rival companies. The social network’s facility in Prineville, Oregon is said to use 38% less power than existing centres.
It hopes, by making the innovations public, to cut the amount of electricity the industry consumes. Despite Facebook’s advances, some environmental groups have criticised the firm over its green credentials.
Working under the title Open Compute Project, Facebook will release specifications and mechanical drawings of the building and its servers. “It’s time to stop treating data centres like Fight Club [do not talk about them],” said Jonathan Heiliger, the company’s vice president of technical operations. His comments are likely to be interpreted as a dig at other web firms, such as Google, Twitter and Amazon which have kept their own designs under wraps.

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