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Time-lapse photography, one area to look at maybe, is landscapes. Landscapes, the environment has a tendency to be slower, and there is a lot of light to work with at times! The level of failure may not be as high as in the studio? Control of light and correct exposure throughout of the time-lapse is very important.

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Here is an interesting piece of information for when you are thinking about your time lapse project


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There will be changes.

Already the changes have been made, some of the external visitors we have visiting have had to change the day of their visit, not to worry as we have not lost anyone, all are still keen to pop in and share their knowledge and experiences with you, Frankie Buckle is one of them but due to her starting her new job in Germany with Zeiss’s, who are so keen for her to continue her relationship with the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging that they are paying for her to return later in the year, Good Luck to Frankie hope all goes well.

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