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MyPhotoExhibits gives you the ability to create your very own virtual 3D photography exhibits in a personalized Soho-style exhibit space and share them with your friends, or the world! Membership is free, so sign up, and start showcasing those beautiful photographs of yours.


Invite your friends to your exhibit opening by email or through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms. Make your exhibit “by invitation only” or go public and share it with the world. You can also submit your photography exhibit to Tamron for review to be included in Tamron’s recommended exhibits.



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It is not often that you get a peaceful moment on the corridors of photography.

These corridors are usually the hive of all activity, MSc students by the dozens, 130 undergraduates rushing to the PC room to put their images into the system for feedback, still it is early [ish] in the semester and panic has not set in yet, soon deadlines will be upon us and students will live here 24/7 then the peace will be gone


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There is a fantastic photographic exhibition  (free)  in Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square, which is part of the  Edinburgh International Science Festival. The photos featured are spectacular images from Scottish seas and beyond by renowned photographers, that start at the surface of the ocean and travel downwards to look at sharks, coral reefs and the creatures of the deep.

The image on the right was taken by Alex Hyde { former student } now part of the teaching team, MSc Biological Photography and Imaging, The University of Nottingham, it is a hermit crab which is 2 cm across in real size, the image has been enlarged 2 meters across, This photograph was taken using a Canon MP-E 65MM Lens.

Well done Alex Hyde full story here

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This picture is not a fake, this is what the camera saw. It has not been photoshoped  it is all done in camera, is there a chance that invisibility is a actual theory or is there magic at work. Any answers

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Focal Press

When a photograph captivates you and stirs your soul, you know it instinctively. You not only see the image, you feel it. But how do you capture shots like that with your own camera? How do you make your photographs worth the proverbial thousand words? From portraits to landscapes, still-lifes to documentary shots, Expressive Photography will not only show you why certain images sing, but will also teach you how to create your own compelling photographic images-one click at a time. Visually stunning, and unique in its collaborative approach, this book brings the spirit of the immensely popular Shutter Sisters‘ blog to the printed page through the voice and photography of its founding members.

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Today the students on the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging course had Gavin Thurston as an external speaker. Gavin is an award winning Cinematographer [EMMY for Outstanding Cinematography, BAFTA, Wildscreen Golden Panda, RTS Award, Royal Humane Society] to name a few.

Gavin has worked on many programmes, such as Human Planet, Life, Nature, Nature’s Great Events, Life in Cold Blood, Big Bear Week, Predators’ Prey, Britain Goes Wild with Bill Oddie, Wildlife on One and Big Cat Diary.

Gavin Started his career in filmmaking at Oxford Scientific Films in 1981, he then moved onto BBC Film unit Bristol in 1985 to 1989. After that Gavin went onto become a freelance Cinematographer.

All Photography David W McMahon

See  http://www.gavinthurston.com/#

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Today was the start of the Biological Photography module with the undergrads at the School of Biology, The University of Nottingham. This is an eleven-week module with 120-second year students in attendance. The students have four assignments and a final course project during these eleven weeks, each of the projects is designed to teach them the basic to advanced photography skills, and their projects are biological in theme.

The Students use an Olympus 420E Digital SLR with a 14-42mm lens during the period of the module; almost all of them have never used a SLR before and have no understanding of photography.

But they soon learn and produce outstanding pieces of work. The M.S.c students from the Biological Photography and Imaging course act as mentors to the undergrads, it is a two way learning systems, the undergrads are split into groups of ten, they then have a one to ten ratio, as the M.S.c student acts as a front line supervisor which in turn is supported by Steve Galloway Taught Course Specialist and headed by David McMahon the Imaging Course Convenor. Pictured are some of the M.S.c students interacting with the undergrads during the class room session

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At The University of Nottingham, we run three course one is the Masters course, the other two are modules run on the undergraduate programme one in the third year which starts in September and the second programme which starts in January. The masters students act as mentors to the second year module on which there is 120 students. On all three courses we teach the students photography with Biology/ Biological as the subject. Here the Master students are receiving instruction on how to use the Digital SLR Olympus cameras. On the undergraduate modules the university supply all the equipment for the students to use.

Photography David W McMahon

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Richard Ward from Oxford Scientific giving a lecture to the M.S.c Biological Photography and Imaging students at The University of Nottingham. Richard was here to discuss how image libraries could be used by the professional photography.


Photography David W McMahon

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Surviving in the Wild –   18.15  for 19.15
Royal Geographical Society

1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR

Simon King will talk about his life in the wild, his passion for Africa and the vital role that humans play in the survival of species and the future of the planet.

Also talking at the event will be Rachael Murton, manager of the first Elephant Orphanage in Zambia. She will share her experiences of setting up the project and the challenges of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orphaned elephants.

Tickets £15.00, Tel: 01483 272323, Profits to The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

This day is a Private study, it could be well worth a visit to hear Simon Speak

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