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The Lomographic Society has unveiled its latest film camera, the Lomokino, which can create movies of up to 144 frames on any 35mm film

Lomography’s new Lomokino camera uses any 35mm film to create movies of up to 48 seconds by shooting 144 frames on one roll.
“You can use any kind of 35mm film for different effects: slide film, colour negative, redscale or B/W,” says Lomography. “After developing the film, spool it into the specially developed LomoKinoScope and watch your Lomographs move.”
The camera features a 25mm lens with an aperture of f/5.6 to f/11. It can shoot up to four frames-per-second, and sports a hotshoe and tripod mount.
It retails at £65. For more information, visit the Lomokino website.

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Photographers have launched a campaign demanding councils abandon plans to build hundreds of new homes near a nature reserve in the North East. Photographers Kaleel Zibe and Alan Hewitt have blasted as ‘ill thought-out’ plans by Newcastle and Gateshead councils to build up to 600 homes near Gosforth Park Nature Reserve. ‘If the houses are built here, wildlife will have nowhere to go and will die,’ they claim. Campaigners say deer, badgers, hares and red squirrels are among the species under threat. The Natural History Society of Northumbria expressed fears that fields providing ‘essential foraging habitat’ will be destroyed. ‘Without this habitat this wildlife will be lost foerever,’ claims the society on its website. The plans, announced by Gateshead Council and Newcastle City Council, are part of the ‘One Core Strategy 2030’ project which aims to boost the local economy. A draft of the proposals, which are subject to consultation, states: ‘Our shared vision is to provide for our increased population, anticipated to be at least 500,000 by 2030 and within this to increase our core working age population (20-64 age group) by around 9,000 from the 2010 level, to 300,400.’


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My Father’s Garden


Mirko Faienza professional career started about ten years ago and since then his strong passion for filming is always improving and delivering high quality results. Mirko has said that he is very lucky that his passion has taken him to many places around the world. He has had the privilege to see, live, document, tell a story, and to be a witness right on the spot. He believes it is a privilege and a big responsibility  to pass the message to the viewers through my eyes. Everything started in 2000 when, after a “Multimedia Operator of the art sector” course, he had his first contract with “Fondazione Arturo Toscanini” of Parma (Italy) where he was employed as director, cameraman and technician, recording Opera shows. After that his Tv career began in a local network of Bologna, being occupied there as cameraman, editor, soundman. Covering mostly news, sport events and Tv programs. In 2003 he went freelance and left Italy moving east, a big step. Since then he has covered the most important historic events the Mid-East region went through during the past years, including conflict crisis, moving all around  the area, shooting news for the most important networks and agencies like CNN, Sky News, Ap, etc… and filming documentaries for European and US productions, directors. He recently moved back to italy and this job keep Him traveling around the globe. Visit his website

My Father’s Garden on vimeo


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The Leveson Inquiry

*Stands up from the gathered folk sat on chairs in a circle in the community centre hall* My name is Edmond Terakopian and I’m a press photographer of 22 years. Following the Leveson Inquiry, anyone would think that being a press photographer in this country is wrong and the devil’s work and that we’re all villains. Well, I’m Edmond Terakopian, a press photographer and extremely proud of it.

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The Documentary Filmmakers Group – DFG – is a national organisation working to promote documentary filmmaking talent and innovation in the UK.

A single aim links all their work: to encourage, stimulate, promote and support the growth of a strong community of documentary filmmakers and film audiences.

They have been running since 2001, operating as a non-profit organisation. They have presence, their activities and their community continue to expand, showing that there is real demand for a group dedicated to serving the needs of documentary film in all its aspects.

The DFG is the leading provider of industry-focussed training for established and aspiring documentary filmmakers and a member of the elite Skillset Media Academy Network.

They run a range of networking, information and advice events for documentary filmmakers at different stages in their careers, as well as pitching opportunities and screenings. They also provide a number of resources for their members, a growing community of documentary filmmakers. You can find out more here.

Through their unique partnership with the award-winning Mosaic Films, DFG provides a combined level of expertise that positions them to collaborate on a range of exciting training and film production initiatives in partnership with Channel 4, Five, and ITV, amongst other organisations. In keeping with their mission statement, these initiatives are designed either to promote talent, diversity and equal opportunities within the documentary filmmaking industry, or to promote innovation in a particular strand of documentary programming.

If you are interested in joining DFG and supporting its work, then please sign up as a member. At only £35 for the year, you will also receive a whole host of additional benefits, including exclusive member resources, deals and discounts

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The University of Nottingham, School of Biology, MSc Biological Photography and Imaging

The following list is all of the Internal staff and external staff who teach and associated to the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging course.

The University of Nottingham Staff

Dr Kate Durrant MSc Course Director
Dr Thomas Hartman University Teaching Associate Science Specialist
Dr David Fox  MSc Museum Curator
Steve Galloway Taught Course Specialist
Tim Smith Senior Technician SEM

Visiting Teaching Staff

Luke Saddler Videographer [ HDSLR Filmmaker ] Final Cut Pro/ Adobe Premier
Helen Walsh Freelance Photographer, Designer, Illustrator
Alex Hyde Landscape Photographer, Adobe Product specialist
Katherine Dixon Web Design, Photographer, Videographer
Frankie Buckle Zeiss specialist, Photographer
Kelly Neaves
Jill Groom Photographer, Marine Biology
David Newton Canon Eos Trainer, Photographer, Writer

Supporting Industrial  Members

Geoff Espin Photographer, Orchid Specialist
Raymond Fitchett Sigma Photographic
Fran Maloni Jigsaw24 Apple Mac Computers
Jason Batterham Calumet Photographic

External Lecturing Staff

Professor Heather Angel Professional Wildlife Photographer
Gavin Thurston Professional Filmmaker
Stephen Moss BBC Natural History Unit Bristol
Dr Rob Lambert Tourism and Environment
Dr Paul Eggleton Natural History Museum
Phil Songhurst Consultant

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Emma Clark Portfolio

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As like before this is the section called portfolio from the techniques in the field field project that the students carry out, in this section they have a opened brief to photograph any biological subject then present six images as a portfolio.

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