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Deadly is Beautiful

The very first time I saw a jellyfish was back in 1970 on my aunties black and white television, I was truly amazed by these slow and graceful creatures  but deadly to the touch. It was not until 1990 that I came across one in real life, I had to hold myself back from reaching out to touch.

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Andy Rouse giving a free talk

Budding photographers and wildlife enthusiasts should make a date for Thursday 23rd June at 6.00pm, as award winning wildlife photographer Andy Rouse gives a talk at Bath Abbey in association with Wild Planet. The talk is free of charge but tickets are required and can be collected from the Wild Planet store on Stall Street (opposite the Roman Baths shop).
South West photographer, Andy Rouse has won no less than seven prestigious awards in the international Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in the past five years and appears regularly on TV.

His image “Rival Kings” is currently featured in the Wild Planet photographic exhibition, currently on show in Union Street, Bath. The photograph, set in the icy and eerily beautiful landscape of the Falkland Islands, provides an insight into the courtship between two king penguins. “Kings are such cool penguins,” says Andy. “I love photographing them and to hear their amazing clarinet style call is something I will never forget,” he continued.

Andy Rouse has an ability to capture extraordinary moments in the lives of animals and birds in the wild, getting close to some of the most dangerous creatures and has published books on mountain gorillas and tigers.

Having travelled to the Falkland Islands, the Masai Mara, Svalbard and Rwanda, he certainly has some fascinating tales to tell. Giving a round the world tour of his favourite images, Andy refers to his “Greatest Hits” and top locations for wildlife photography, and he will describe some of his most spectacular wildlife encounters. He has a special relationship with one particular mountain gorilla silverback, his all time favourite, but not all gorillas are as personable; last year he faced a full on charge by a competing silverback.  Other memorable moments include having to lie down in front of advancing bull elephants and watching a polar bear nuzzling its mother’s fur.

Andy is prepared to share his expertise with photography enthusiasts so expect to discover the secrets of how to get up close and personal with some of the most magnificent  beasts on the planet.  It is not just his stunning images that will create a “wow” factor, he is also a charismatic presenter, a natural entertainer with a great passion for conservation and an expert on the wildlife that he photographs and on the field craft that is required to track them down.

The free public lecture will be held at Bath Abbey, Thursday 23rd June, 6.00-7.00pm. Tickets will be available from the Wild Planet shop on Stall Street, Bath.

The Wild Planet exhibition features 80 of the most spectacular images from Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the world’s most prestigious wildlife photography competition and an international leader in providing new insights into the natural world. The free exhibition was developed by the Natural History Museum, bringing the highest standard of international wildlife photography to the city in partnership with Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Merchandise is available in Bath’s dedicated Wild Planet store, in Stall Street opposite the Roman Bath’s shop. Mementoes include affordable gifts for children like Meerkat Moment Fridge Magnets and jigsaw puzzles, a range of home wares showcasing graphic Wild Planet imagery of rock hopper penguins, a strolling tiger, flocks of starlings and beech trees in the mist. The commemorative book, Wild Planet, Celebrating Wildlife Photographer of the Year will also be on sale including Andy Rouse’s images and the other spectacular photographs in the exhibition.

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A small but beautiful selection

We have a selection of images from past MSc students, who have study with the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging at the University of Nottingham, please let us know what you think to the images, we will post more later

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When teaching on the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging course at The University of Nottingham, the first thing you try to teach the students is to always look in the view finder before before you fire that shutter, always look for those little things that will always catch you out, make sure the focus is good, also a nice composition, interaction between the photographer and the subject matter. All the setting are right everything is perfect, but stop did you look in that viewfinder again. DO NOT MAKE A MONKEY OF YOURSELF.

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Yes here it is a bellows from a Bronica medium format camera being used on a 7D DSLR camera as a lens shade, it also makes a attractive head for some people.

Steve Galloway with a Canon 7D DSLR with a Bronica bellows

Photography by David W McMahon

This was taken on a recent trip to Slimbridge with the MSc students from the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging, during this visits the students were working with Prof Heather Angel on their projects and Steve was filming the event on his Eos Canon 7D

see entry heather angel

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Razzi is a new photo sharing network that allows photographers to earn ad revenue on their photo views. You can sign up for free, upload your photos (or import them from your Flickr photostream), and enter your Google AdSense Publisher-ID to start earning money. Allowing for unlimited uploads and offering features like drag and drop organisation and access to the original files, Razzi focuses on the social aspects (friend activity stream, notifications, privacy settings etc.) too. The developers of the website have also created an iPhone app for mobile uploads that is currently pending

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MSc Students working hard on their photography skills

On a visit to the Monkey Forest, the students from the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging, had work so hard during the day they needed to rest, but did they rest on their laurels, no even during a brief respite they were still snapping away at the monkeys in the monkey forest.

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Photo tuts+

This tutorial starts the real work on your images. After you have organized, filtered and chosen the best of your shots it’s time to make them even better before preparing them to the final output as slideshow, web gallery or print. In this part of the series, the editing tools and panels in the Develop module will be expained and in the next tutorial we will see how to apply all this in different workflows.

Lightroom gives you a rich set of tools and controls to edit and tweak your photos. You will see that Lightroom is capable of perfecting your images without the need for Photoshop. Developing photos in the Lightroom Develop module is not only extremely easy but also can be fun. You have plenty of options to adjust the appearance of your captures, to compare them in different states of the develop process, and to copy and paste adjustments between photos. After understanding and mastering this process, you will be able to turn an average photo to a master piece in no time. Let’s get started!

Red the blog here, has been put together well

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Carol Grant
Winner of the 2009 Nature Conservancy Photo Contest

Growing up in Southern California, Carol Grant has always been intrigued by the beauty of the ocean. “As a child, I vividly remember watching episodes of Sea Hunt after school and wondering if I could ever have underwater adventures too,” says Carol.

This curiosity led Carol to pick up a camera. “I think [al]most anyone who has a passion for the natural world dreams of being able to communicate that beauty through photographs,” she says.

As her experiences with marine life grew, Carol says she became determined to learn how to photograph the unique creatures and habitats with which she fell in love. “Underwater photography is challenging because it entails not only a knowledge of photography, but specialized equipment knowledge, excellent buoyancy skills and confidence in handling oneself well underwater at the same time,” explains Carol.

Full story at Nature Conservancy

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Jaroslaw Grudzinski

Photography is my way to express myself and landscapes are my favourite subject. You can find both natural landscapes and unreal dreamy ones in my port. I’m not really interested in presenting the world as everyone sees it. If you browse through my images you’ll get to see the word the way I saw it at any given moment it, not the way it really was.  You’ll find a variety of images here, not just landscapes so just take look.

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Jaroslaw-Grudzinski-Photography/103908349646982

I came across Jaroslaw Grudzinski on Facebook. his work looks great and I hope you enjoy his work as much as I did.

His website is at Jaroslaw Grudzinski Enjoy some great work and be inspired.



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