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Olivier Laurent

A number of photographic organisations across the world have launched a new campaign to promote the rights of creative people

Pro-Imaging, a British organisation dedicated to promoting the rights of photographers in competitions, has announced the launch of a new Bill of Rights campaign with the support of organisations from around the world.

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BJP supports funding

Emphas.is is based on the premise that the audience is still interested in photography, says Karim Ben Khelifa, co-founder of the crowdfunding platform. Despite declining sales and commissions, photojournalists continue to risk their lives to report on the events and stories that impact us all. Some have turned towards new funding models, appealing directly to their audiences to help bring their projects to fruition

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The World Photography Festival is coming to London with a raft of exclusive lectures, seminars and exhibitions, and the Sony World Photography Awards.

BJP is this year’s World Photography Festival’s official media partner, and as such, we will provide exclusive coverage of the events, as well as exclusive interviews with the industry experts participating in the Festival – with the videos published on the WPO website and BJP Online daily throughout the World Photography Festival.

The World Photography Organisation, in association with BJP, is now offering 10 of our Facebook fans a chance to win one of ten Festival passes. All of you have to do is answer the following three questions.

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Is photography art?

Posted by Diane Smyth on 29 Mar 2011

“Don’t let’s kid ourselves that the only good stuff is made in the name of art,” said David Campany at The Social last night, in the first of two insightful talks on the relationship between photography and art

“What’s the relationship between photography and art? It’s a big, pompous question and there might have been a time when I’d have given a big, pompous response but I don’t have a clue any more,” said writer and academic David Campany at The Social last night. “I’ll try to respond in the time I have in a very personal way.”

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Last month, CJ Clarke was named the winner of the inaugural Open Shutter awards, the UK’s first competition dedicated to HD-DSLR movies, organised by British Journal of Photography in partnership with Canon UK. Full story here

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