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The University of Nottingham, School of Biology, MSc Biological Photography and Imaging

The following list is all of the Internal staff and external staff who teach and associated to the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging course.

The University of Nottingham Staff

Dr Kate Durrant MSc Course Director
Dr Thomas Hartman University Teaching Associate Science Specialist
Dr David Fox  MSc Museum Curator
Steve Galloway Taught Course Specialist
Tim Smith Senior Technician SEM

Visiting Teaching Staff

Luke Saddler Videographer [ HDSLR Filmmaker ] Final Cut Pro/ Adobe Premier
Helen Walsh Freelance Photographer, Designer, Illustrator
Alex Hyde Landscape Photographer, Adobe Product specialist
Katherine Dixon Web Design, Photographer, Videographer
Frankie Buckle Zeiss specialist, Photographer
Kelly Neaves
Jill Groom Photographer, Marine Biology
David Newton Canon Eos Trainer, Photographer, Writer

Supporting Industrial  Members

Geoff Espin Photographer, Orchid Specialist
Raymond Fitchett Sigma Photographic
Fran Maloni Jigsaw24 Apple Mac Computers
Jason Batterham Calumet Photographic

External Lecturing Staff

Professor Heather Angel Professional Wildlife Photographer
Gavin Thurston Professional Filmmaker
Stephen Moss BBC Natural History Unit Bristol
Dr Rob Lambert Tourism and Environment
Dr Paul Eggleton Natural History Museum
Phil Songhurst Consultant

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Olivier Laurent

A number of photographic organisations across the world have launched a new campaign to promote the rights of creative people

Pro-Imaging, a British organisation dedicated to promoting the rights of photographers in competitions, has announced the launch of a new Bill of Rights campaign with the support of organisations from around the world.

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This article was posted by Emily Keefe former student of the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging, good spot or strip I am not sure.

The owner of a New Zealand pet grooming business has transformed her dog into a tiger to show off her skills. Jody Woodhouse dyed the coat of her three-year-old Australian labaradoodle Celebrity Woodhouse orange with black stripes. Ms Woodhouse said: “We wanted to do something that would make people smile and this is something completely out of the hat. “This is such a nice way to make people smile and give them something to talk about.” Celebrity Woodhouse is Jody’s pet and travels to work in Tauranga, on North Island, each day with her.Ms Woodhouse used an imported Japanese dye for the procedure which she insists is 100 per cent safe. She added: “I’m absolutely astounded with the feedback, it’s been mostly positive but a few people didn’t understand why we did it, but once we explained it’s a harmless procedure that’s all in the name of fun, they seemed to enjoy it”. The dye job is expected to last a few months, until Celebrity Woodhouse is next clipped.

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If I had a spare £220.00 I would buy

This three-volume set looks at the art-form of black and grey tattoo’s and how it has evolved in it’s technique, materials and popularity. This box set was released several months ago, it took a year to put together, with a lager part spent researching artists and attending international tattoo conventions.There are various sub-genres of the Black & Grey style Tattoo’s,in theses three volumes:  they have been dived into “Traditional Black & Grey,” “Dark/Horror” and “Realism.

Black & Grey Tattoo

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Although emasculated spiders can no longer be lovers, they are better fighters, a new study says.

In many spider species, males have sex using two appendages known as pedipalps. But males will often lose one or both pedipalps during the act—behavior that might seem like a bad idea evolutionarily, since it renders the male sterile.

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Frankie Buckle

I have just started working as a Media Specialist for Carl Zeiss Microimaging GmbH in Jena, Germany. Some of my projects so far include:

Designing interactive e-brochures (with embedded animations, 360 views of microscopy systems etc) to sales people and customers showing the range of systems and software. As well as the design I am also working on how best to distribute these globally for download on tablet devices, emails etc…

Image optimisation for web and print, image retouching (products as well as micrographs) graphic design and simple animations. I can also use the confocal laser scanning systems (for which I have had some very intensive training!) to obtain images for use in my work but I also help to improve existing images currently in our internal database.

I also help with the social media side of things with the web team in Munich. We recently launched the Carl Zeiss Microscopy facebook page (please go have a look and click “like” if you like! http://www.facebook.com/zeissmicroscopy).

I am loving the work so far and the move to Deutschland has gone pretty smoothly. I could not have got this job without having done the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging course…


Carl Zeiss Microscopy & Imaging
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Carl Zeiss AG. As the leading manufacturer of microscope systems we offer you total solutions for biomedical research, the healthcare sector and high-tech industries. Our product line spans a broad spect…rum of light microscopes and systems for laser scanning microscopy. Furthermore we provide you with hardware and software solutions for image processing and image documentation of microscopic pictures.Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH is headquartered in Jena. Other manufacturing and development sites are located in Göttingen and Munich. The department Microscopy of Carl Zeiss generated revenues of approximately EUR 365 million with a global workforce of about 1,700 during fiscal year 2008/09.See More
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The World Photography Festival is coming to London with a raft of exclusive lectures, seminars and exhibitions, and the Sony World Photography Awards.

BJP is this year’s World Photography Festival’s official media partner, and as such, we will provide exclusive coverage of the events, as well as exclusive interviews with the industry experts participating in the Festival – with the videos published on the WPO website and BJP Online daily throughout the World Photography Festival.

The World Photography Organisation, in association with BJP, is now offering 10 of our Facebook fans a chance to win one of ten Festival passes. All of you have to do is answer the following three questions.

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