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The New York Photo Award, 2011 – Now Open for Submissions

Submissions Due April 25

$5000 cash first prize

Winners and Honorable Mentions to be featured in exclusive main floor exhibition at famed space The POWERHOUSE ARENA opening at this year’ New York Photo Festival May 11-15 Submission address: The New York Photo Awards, one of the most dynamic and sought-after showcases for emerging photographers from all over the world, will open for submissions March 23, at 6:00 pm. Deadline for submitting photographs and digital images will be April 25, 2011 at midnight at:  The 2011 edition of The New York Photo Awards will feature twelve category winners – including best fine art single, fine art series, documentary single, documentary series, advertising single, advertising series and photo book – one of whom will be selected for a $5,000 grand cash prize for best overall picture or series. The New York Photo Awards provide a unique platform for visual artists to reach decision makers in the worlds of editorial, fine art, and commercial photography. Initiated in 2008, the awards were an immediate success, and submissions have climbed each year, both in breadth of material as well as in source of work submitted. Last year 17,000 images were submitted by professional and budding photographers from more than 90 countries. Winners and Honorable Mentions will be featured in a grand salon exhibition opening at famed event space The POWERHOUSE ARENA on Friday, May 12 during this year’s New York Photo Festival. Winners and Honorable Mentions will be notified by May 5. The New York Photo Awards 2010 Annual book is now available for purchase via the New York Photo Festival website and select bookstores everywhere.


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Martin Parr

If you ever get a chance to listen to Martin speak then do not miss it.

Royal Photographic Society (RPS) members were extremely honoured last night to have guest speaker Martin Parr give them a talk on his work. Martin Parr was giving his talk at King’s College London, it had been organised by the Visual Journalism Group. Martin Parr is an honorary member of the RPS as well as a Centenary Medallist and Magnum photographer.

Martins started photographing with black and white 35mm film, he later switched to colour photography in the early eighty’s. He is well known for his work on human behaviour and satirical view of contemporary society.

The English genius of Human Behavior photography.

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Images from a dog show, should people be reported for the harm they do there pets.

Who will need the counseling the dogs or the owners.

Photography from life

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Here are the first examples of the set building exercise that took place yesterday in the studios. One of the sets that the students had to build was a section of brickwork with a drainpipe and grate, the lighting was to reflect and impersonate that of natural light, the examples have done this to a very high standard and you would be hard pressed to tell that they have not been taken outside.


Photographers Brigid Vinnell, Holly James and Wu Yuanqi

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There is a fantastic photographic exhibition  (free)  in Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square, which is part of the  Edinburgh International Science Festival. The photos featured are spectacular images from Scottish seas and beyond by renowned photographers, that start at the surface of the ocean and travel downwards to look at sharks, coral reefs and the creatures of the deep.

The image on the right was taken by Alex Hyde { former student } now part of the teaching team, MSc Biological Photography and Imaging, The University of Nottingham, it is a hermit crab which is 2 cm across in real size, the image has been enlarged 2 meters across, This photograph was taken using a Canon MP-E 65MM Lens.

Well done Alex Hyde full story here

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Janne Parviainen uses a light painting technique in his personnal photography. The most common subjects are city environments and nature landscapes. All of the photography has been carried out within the camera – there is very little post production done to the image.

Painting with light

More images and information at Janne Parviainen’s web site.

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Samuel Waldron made this film as part of his summer project last year on the MSc Link

There is also another film made Tom Clarke also in the same year as Sam here is the link to the film

This film is a moving portrait film made by Emma Clark, within this film are members of the University

staff Link

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Hello past and present MSC students.

Exposing the Wild are looking for some images that will be used for a charity. Specifically images of hedgehogs, we need a cute image to be used on a postcard. The idea is that people will send the postcard back to the charity with information of where they saw the hedgehog. They will then collate the information which will be part of the hedgehog survey that they are about to launch.

Additionally, the charity are looking for film footage of hedgehogs to use in the media as part of the survey. Being a charity there will be no payment but the image and footage will be accredited to the image maker through Exposing the Wild. It is an excellent opportunity to get your name out there if it is not already.

The image must be captioned with the Exposing the Wild captioning system. For more information on the system please see here (http://www.exposingthewild.com/captioning/system.html). If you have any questions please get in touch with Samuel Waldron or Peter Moonlight @ exposingthewild@googlemail.com.

Please send the images to the same email address as above, we will contact the person(s) who are successful. Ideally the image was needed yesterday so please hurry.

Thank you and with kind regards,

Samuel Waldron

Exposing The Wild Captioning System: The System
The Exposing The Wild Captioning System; Truth and Integrity in Wildlife Photography.

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The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch returns this weekend! Put simply, they implore anyone and everyone to sit for an hour watching their own garden and recording the birds they see against an ID sheet. The collated results help form a better picture of the changing fortunes of birdlife across the UK, especially as the picture builds up year on year from each of these events. It’s also a relaxing, fun way to enjoy your own garden and the wildlife in it that you might not have properly noticed if you haven’t previously taken the time to just watch.

You can do your hour at any time this weekend (29th or 30th Jan 2011).

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Richard Brittain

This set has a feel of the chill, grey days of winter. But Richard Brittain has turned this to his advantage. The silver grey skies have complemented the stark, utilitarian equipment. ‘Gas-valve’ is especially effective with just enough rust alleviating the white/grey theme. It also was good to resist the obvious by turning the gasometer (Tower) into a silhouette. The ‘Telephone mast’ and the ‘Gas pumps’ are a bit too dull as subjects for them to respond to this treatment, but the ‘Gas tower’ looks like it has more potential, a tighter picture, perhaps? Back on track with the electrical insulator in ‘Don’t touch’, a fascinating image. It’s so rewarding when such mundane objects make good photographs.

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