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Is photography art?

Posted by Diane Smyth on 29 Mar 2011

“Don’t let’s kid ourselves that the only good stuff is made in the name of art,” said David Campany at The Social last night, in the first of two insightful talks on the relationship between photography and art

“What’s the relationship between photography and art? It’s a big, pompous question and there might have been a time when I’d have given a big, pompous response but I don’t have a clue any more,” said writer and academic David Campany at The Social last night. “I’ll try to respond in the time I have in a very personal way.”

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Eye Photography [ Art ] or is it

Or is it, would you or would you not buy this as an image to place on a wall, for it to be looked at. Does the image draw you in or does it make you shudder, strange what images can do to us what are your thoughts.

The Photographer

Suren was born in Yerevan during 1976. He has received a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the Yerevan State University in 2001 for research in the field of Quantum Chaos. The next year he did receive The President Award of Republic of Armenia for the investigations into the field of quantum technologies. He is scientific researcher at the Institute of Physical Research at the National Academy of Sciences since 1997.
Suren can play 5 musical instruments: guitar, cello, piano, block flute, and lyre. He teaches physics, mathematics and astronomy at Yerevan Waldorf School for more than 10 years.
Suren started to photograph when he was sixteen. He became a professional photographer during 2006. Suren has involvement in nearly in all fields of photography, especially in Macro, Portraits, Creative photo projects, Landscape.

Web site

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Janne Parviainen uses a light painting technique in his personnal photography. The most common subjects are city environments and nature landscapes. All of the photography has been carried out within the camera – there is very little post production done to the image.

Painting with light

More images and information at Janne Parviainen’s web site.

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