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Here are the first examples of the set building exercise that took place yesterday in the studios. One of the sets that the students had to build was a section of brickwork with a drainpipe and grate, the lighting was to reflect and impersonate that of natural light, the examples have done this to a very high standard and you would be hard pressed to tell that they have not been taken outside.


Photographers Brigid Vinnell, Holly James and Wu Yuanqi

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Construction and set building day, the students are learning how to construct a natural looking environment within the studio, these set are to be designed and lit as if they were in an outside environment, the lighting was to give the impression it was either that of daylight or moonlight. The subjects that the students could photograph were rats, geckos, snails, hissing cockroaches, scorpions and museum subjects. The sets involved constructing a small section of a wall [brickwork] a waste pipe and a grate on this set the rat is placed,the rat is photographed at  the pipe and grate to indicate it was foraging for food, the students are to make this look as convincing as possible with the use of mud to act as mortar and weeds and vegetation. The light from the bowens flash head is diffused and the use of a card to break up the light to make it look like it is flowing through trees and leaves.

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