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Lost Treasure

At the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging Steve Galloway is doing a mass tidy up and changing around of rooms, He has created a lighting store were the students will be able to collect the lighting from and return lights to at time of the day. The small studio, which was being used by Luke Saddler to photograph his fish project, has now been reclaimed and is back as the ultraviolet studio. Whilst Steve was removing a shelving unit from the store, behind the unit he found a roll of Ektachrome professional Infrared EIR film, the expiry date was 07/2007, just go to show you how often he tides’ up. I use to love that film but at £8.50 a roll plus processing for 36 exposures, it was expensive, Good job Fuji brought out the IS pro, because Kodak no longer make that film. Still the box is in mint condition with an untouched roll of film within it, that is going into my small museum next to my beloved Nikon F4.

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