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Cost of a puzzle

Joanna King-Harmsworth has sent this question in

I don’t know if anybody can help.I  have been asked to provide pictures which will be printed on place mats and sold. I have no idea what to say regarding pricing? if anybody has any idea how I can work out pricing or any useful websites to help me I would be very interested in hearing – thanks loads Jo

Any answers let us know

Anyone who has a question please send them in.

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I would like to say a big thank you to Gavin Thurston who today traveled from his home in Bristol  to come and see the students on the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging course at Nottingham. Gavin was both  entertaining and knowledgeable in his area of the industry. The students enjoyed his talk and he spent quite a bit of time after his scheduled slot still passing on information to them. It is remarkable that there are professional people like Gavin who are willing to commit time and energy to help students on the path of knowledge.


Thank you again

David McMahon

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