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Spypoint IR-6 Wildlife Surveillance Camera

Spypoint cameras these look like good items to use as a trap camera, I have not seen the picture quality from them, but I have heard that they arrive in several different megapixel versions, the higher the megapixel higher the cost. They are capable of taking both still and video, colour during the daytime black and white infrared at night
here is some of the features that I heard it does?

•Very compact (4,5” x 6,8” x 2,8”)
•Removable internal unit for easier handling
•46 infrared LED night-time illumination
•Video resolution: 640 x 480 AVI
•External memory: SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB
•USB and TV-OUT ports (pal)
•Adjustable detection sensitivity (5 to 50 ft)
•Runs on rechargeable lithium or 6 x AA batteries
•Low battery indicator
•Kit includes: Strap, USB and video cables

You would have to Google for more info, again another bit of kit, could leave it to film, shoot still whilst you were working elsewhere

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Urban Wildlife

Part of the brief

Use any urban location of your own choice for your project. You are to produce six images, which demonstrate the ways in which animals and/or plants can survive and flourish in the most unexpected places. Where possible show two shots on how progress and ‘modernisation’/ ‘industrialisation’ have affected both the good and the bad aspects of the wildlife in the area.

There is a very good website, which may give you some thought and help with ideas.


Please always follow the rights of others and obey the law, seek permission from the land and property owner.

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