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Tristan Poyser, a former student from the MSC Biological Photography and Imaging

Has recently visited the Format 11 Festival in Derby. Tristan has written a personnel review of this festival on his web site makes for interesting reading

After attending the Format 11 , a bi-annual international photography festival held in Derby, i’m bursting with inspiration for my photography. Both commercial and non commercial work. Initially when i signed up for the opening weekend conference i did so with cynicism. I knew as both an individual and a photographer something was missing, and it was much easier to be cynical rather than to try and understand what was missing. As a photographer with a scientific background including my MSc in biological photography and imaging it had been instilled in me that technically correct images are paramount. This is true for scientific imaging, a good composition is also a bonus! Obviously as a commercial photographer I understand the importance of a technically good image and the need of good aesthetics and for an image to deliver a specific message, relevant to its use.

Photography Tristan Poyser

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