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The chance to support one of Britain’s best loved institutions, the Great British Pub exhibition launches May 16th and runs until May 23rd

The British Beer & Pub Association presents the UK’s biggest pub photography competition and exhibition – Pub Life. Taking place over the next three months British drinkers have a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture their beloved local and help celebrate a great British institution, which has been facing tough times. 

Regulars, amateurs and professionals are invited to enter photographs of their local pub across six distinct categories in the hope of winning an Olympus camera and for their image to be exhibited at an exclusive exhibition from the 16th -23rd May 2011 at The Old Truman Brewery in East London. 

The Public House has been a national treasure since the sixth century, providing a hub for the community and a lively social watering hole for all walks of life. Fifteen centuries later and the much-loved institution have borne the brunt of the economic downturn despite being one of Britain’s most recognised traditions. 

Now, in a nationwide celebration of everything great about the pub, Pub Life invites members of the public, whether they are a professional photographer or not, to capture their favorite scenes from their local pub under six categories for the chance to win a camera from Olympus and a prestigious spot in the exclusive Pub Life Photography Exhibition. 

All six winners will receive an Olympus E-PL2 Single Kit Lens Camera; six runners up will also win an Olympus XZ-1 camera. One lucky overall winner will win the Olympus E-PL2 Double Kit Lens Camera as well as a host of photography accessories to help them get the best shot possible. 

Pub Life is homage to the local pub through a unique national photography competition that aims to capture the true spirit of life inside a British pub. Entries will be shortlisted to 10 images across the six categories with the winning images being chosen by a panel of judges. The competition will culminate in a series of unique events running alongside the Pub Life exhibition at London’s Old Truman Brewery gallery space. 

Entrants can submit as many images as they like across all six of the competition categories. The categories range from The Sun’s Beautiful Game through to Strange But True category with the most prestigious Pub Life category aiming to uncover the image that best captures life inside the modern British pub. Pub Life is supported by British Beer & Pub Association, the organisation that represents brewing and pub owning & pub owning companies across the UK, making Pub Life a truly unique competition which aims to stretch across the UK and to showcase a truly unique British institution. Your local needs you! 

From the 21st March, budding photographers both professional, amateur and pub locals will be invited to submit images to be judged through the six different categories. From this British Beer & Pub Association and The Sun will nominate a shortlist of photographers who will then be invited to exhibit in a top London gallery for Pub Life. 

The exhibition will be from 16th – 23rd May 2011 in a gallery within The Old Truman Brewery.

The six categories are:

• Pub Life: The image that truly represents the essence of life in the modern pub

•The Sun’s The Beautiful Game: An image that depicts sportsmanship within the local pub

• Strange But True: An image that portrays the bizarre nature of the local pub

• The Regulars: This could be a Landlord, or regular figure or feature of your local pub

• Pub With A View: An incredible landscape outside or through a fireside window

• Lazy Sunday: The quintessential English social activity; spent with great friends and a roast dinner

in order to submit your photographs visit facebook here: http://on.fb.me/hbC9kN

or email them to


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Photographer Amy Stein

Amy Stein crafts photographic allegories set simultaneously in a number of different liminal spaces. Her sure and realistic color works manifest the place where the human-built meets the wild, but in addition they show us where the factual descriptive image meets fiction. Despite their apparent realism, her images are posed and constructed, sometimes using models and taxidermy props, sometimes using the bodies of dead or living animals to re-create, record and perform actual events that occurred in the small Pennsylvania town of Matamoras, which Stein has claimed as surely as Faulkner invented and limned Yoknapatawpha County. What at first appears to be a series of photojournalistic decisive moments is revealed, at a second look, to be a powerfully imagined vision that establishes its strength through its very artificiality.

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MyPhotoExhibits gives you the ability to create your very own virtual 3D photography exhibits in a personalized Soho-style exhibit space and share them with your friends, or the world! Membership is free, so sign up, and start showcasing those beautiful photographs of yours.


Invite your friends to your exhibit opening by email or through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms. Make your exhibit “by invitation only” or go public and share it with the world. You can also submit your photography exhibit to Tamron for review to be included in Tamron’s recommended exhibits.



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Although emasculated spiders can no longer be lovers, they are better fighters, a new study says.

In many spider species, males have sex using two appendages known as pedipalps. But males will often lose one or both pedipalps during the act—behavior that might seem like a bad idea evolutionarily, since it renders the male sterile.

See the story here

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Junior photographer role

Do you have a passion for travel and photography?

Do you excel in customer service and enjoy working as part of a team?

To find out more about this exciting opportunity,

contact us @ hr@theshipsphotographer.com


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Martin Parr

If you ever get a chance to listen to Martin speak then do not miss it.

Royal Photographic Society (RPS) members were extremely honoured last night to have guest speaker Martin Parr give them a talk on his work. Martin Parr was giving his talk at King’s College London, it had been organised by the Visual Journalism Group. Martin Parr is an honorary member of the RPS as well as a Centenary Medallist and Magnum photographer.

Martins started photographing with black and white 35mm film, he later switched to colour photography in the early eighty’s. He is well known for his work on human behaviour and satirical view of contemporary society.

The English genius of Human Behavior photography.

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Laura Sutherland, Ex MSc Biological Photography and Imaging, The University of Nottingham.

Laura Sutherland is interviewed for the Arkive Blog

I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with nature and the outdoors, and like nothing more than being outside in my wellies, camera in hand. This led me to study Biological Sciences at Oxford University and then Biological Photography & Imaging at the University of Nottingham. After completing my Masters degree I moved to Bristol to start work as an ARKive Media Researcher and have been here ever since.

See the full interview @

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