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The Documentary Filmmakers Group – DFG – is a national organisation working to promote documentary filmmaking talent and innovation in the UK.

A single aim links all their work: to encourage, stimulate, promote and support the growth of a strong community of documentary filmmakers and film audiences.

They have been running since 2001, operating as a non-profit organisation. They have presence, their activities and their community continue to expand, showing that there is real demand for a group dedicated to serving the needs of documentary film in all its aspects.

The DFG is the leading provider of industry-focussed training for established and aspiring documentary filmmakers and a member of the elite Skillset Media Academy Network.

They run a range of networking, information and advice events for documentary filmmakers at different stages in their careers, as well as pitching opportunities and screenings. They also provide a number of resources for their members, a growing community of documentary filmmakers. You can find out more here.

Through their unique partnership with the award-winning Mosaic Films, DFG provides a combined level of expertise that positions them to collaborate on a range of exciting training and film production initiatives in partnership with Channel 4, Five, and ITV, amongst other organisations. In keeping with their mission statement, these initiatives are designed either to promote talent, diversity and equal opportunities within the documentary filmmaking industry, or to promote innovation in a particular strand of documentary programming.

If you are interested in joining DFG and supporting its work, then please sign up as a member. At only £35 for the year, you will also receive a whole host of additional benefits, including exclusive member resources, deals and discounts

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