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What have we done

Here is a little update on what has been happening over the last few weeks with the MSc Biological Photography and Imaging Course at The School Biology, The University of Nottingham.

We had a set building day [ visit ] a few weeks back, three pictures of rats were placed on the website from that day, I know that these picture’s have been very popular with the viewing public and we have had lots of question as to what happen them afterwards, well I can say that they were three quarters of the way back to the pet shop when my youngest daughter proclaimed that she wanted to keep them, so they are safe and sound in their new home, which does reside within her bedroom. Later that week, we went off to the International Bird’s of Prey Centre in Gloucestershire, this centre is run by Jemima Parry-Jones MBE who in her own words is a dictator. This is not true she is a lovely lady working extremely hard in a though and difficult environment. Jemima gave along with her staff 100 percent commitment to the students and the other members of the public during our visit they even put on extra flights. [visit ] Wednesday 09.03.11 we made a visit to Focus on Imaging at the NEC Birmingham. This is the only major photographic trade show that the UK has sadly I do not think that it will last much longer. It is a shame, it does need to revamp the whole show and bring back the professional photographer we need to see the top named photographers back at Focus [visit]. This week has also been very busy Tuesday the students had to deliver presentations on Science and Media, in the afternoon Mr Jason Batterham from Calumet Photographic [visit] came in and gave the students a talk on how Calumet work within the industry and their marketing strategy, the students gained a lot from the information and was worth while, and today they have a studio practical session were they are learning how to do portraiture and a bit of fun along the way.

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