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Emma Clark has sent through this information.

BWPA – British Wildlife Photography Awards, a competition celebrating the diversity of the natural history of the British Isles

Animal Portraits, Animal Behaviour, Urban Wildlife, Hidden Britain, Coast and Marine, Wildlife in my Backyard, Habitat and Living Landscape: Connectivity


Bee species pollinating crops directly links wildlife with the economy

Salt marshes acting as a buffer between land and seas

Hedgerows play a part in keeping the countryside ‘stitched’ together

Estuaries are the connection for freshwater species with marine life

Rivers connecting streams to the sea

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BWPA Competion

News in From Emma Clarke

Something to share with the students… we have a new videography category at BWPA this year, and the sequence needs to be less than a minute long, so its a good one to do in your spare time. Also extra photography categories too this year. BWPA

Thank you Emma, if anybody has snippets of info let me know.

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