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Katherine Dixon

Kat Dixon has updated us on her progress after leaving the MSc Biological Photography & Imaging. Kat at present is working for BYG Systems in Nottingham as a Web Developer. In her present role Kat is creating e-learning websites for large financial and industrial companies the likes of TNT, RBS, Barclays, HSBC. Kat is also working on freelance website projects, and is always eager to take on more projects. One of the most recent pieces of work was.


Kat also returned to the MSc Biological Photography & Imaging this year to provide support for the Advanced Website techniques. During the later part of last year Kat was one of the event photographers at Wildscreen (http://www.katherinedixon.co.uk/wildscreen.html .

Kat has been updateding her own portfolio in the last few months http://vimeo.com/21105565 as well as here kit she has just bought a 100-400mm lens.

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